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Museum Needs Your Help!
by Karen Reinhart
Friends of the museum, I hope you can help us during Give A Hoot, our primary fundraiser. Like many other non-profits, this year has been difficult. Our director retired at the beginning of the pandemic, April 3, and I stepped in as interim director. I've increased our online presence, through Facebook and Instagram posts, and am also working on online exhibits. My goal is to not let this pandemic stand in the way of reaching you with inspiring stories, photographs, and content inspired by our vast collections. There are many, many stories I want to share with you!

We tried to open the museum and research center on July 1 but many of our volunteers have, rightfully so, decided to not risk working in a public place. I currently do not have any front desk staff and am "holding down the fort," doing administrative work, managing the few volunteers we still have, cleaning and organizing the museum--looking for that silver lining of the covid cloud--and also trying to do my curatorial work. New exhibits--Ice Age Mammals, Outdoor farming and ranching, and Vietnam Veterans--will eventually be completed and again, the goal is to post these content-rich exhibits online. I wish there were more hours in the day.

With the museum closed, we do not have admission or research center revenue. We can really use your help to keep the museum going for the future when we CAN open our doors to you, the curious, loyal, history lovers that you are!

Thank you,
Karen Reinhart
Interim Director/Curator, Yellowstone Gateway Museum
Goal: $1,000.00
68% Funded

Help us Help the Community Center!
by Chelsea DeWeese
After the loss of so many historic buildings this summer, the preservation of the Gardiner Community Center has become even more pressing than ever! Though not damaged in the Park Street blaze, the building, built in 1910, has been prioritized by the Greater Gardiner Community Council for an upgrade and renovation. Built in 1910 as an opera house, the Community Center was transformed into a community building by the Fraternal Order of Eagles when it took over the building's management in 1928. It has served the community as a school, with basketball games in the large open hall, and then for many other community functions. The Greater Gardiner Community Council is committed to updating and renovating the building while maintaining its historical integrity. Last year you helped us raise close to $10,000 for this project through Give a Hoot. Please consider donating again this year to take advantage of matching funds to help us reach our goal of $1 million!
Goal: $500.00
72% Funded

Keep Art Accessible
by Anjabella Roseberry
Think about art. What comes to mind? Here's something that probably won't pop up: lots of artists wouldn't be able to sell their art without places like the Livingston Center for Art and Culture. I mean it's not like every artist can afford and run a gallery. I've entered some of my art in their art shows. They have let me busk in front of the gallery to raise money for a violin. The executive director has even purchased one of my art pieces. They have supported me and lots of other artists. So now let's GIVE A HOOT and support them! #Giveahoot49

I will perform a 30 min outdoor concert for any person who makes a donation of $100 or more to Livingston Center for Art and Culture through my cheer page. Also, look for me out busking for LCAC over the next few weeks. I will be around town outside with my mask on, and my violin case open.
Goal: $350.00
31% Funded

Dollars for the Depot
by Laura Cota
I fell in love with the Depot the minute I rolled into town 15 years ago. I thought, "This must be a great place if the folks of Livingston made sure to save such an incredible building in the center of downtown." Fast forward, and now I'm lucky enough to be the director. There must be something in the bricks, because this old building attracts the most wonderful people--visitors looking for a different tourist experience, train buffs looking to swap stories, families looking for a perfect place to celebrate milestones, and our wonderful community coming together for festivals, movies, concerts, nonprofit fundraisers, benefits and so much more.

I'm so thankful to get to meet everyone that walks in the doors, bikes through the park, and loves this place as much as I do. Let's keep a great thing going!
Goal: $200.00
118% Funded

Help the Depot!
by Jen Marshall
The Livingston Depot Center is a beautiful historical landmark in the middle of downtown Livingston, MT. During the Give-a-hoot campaign, The Depot is raising funds to preserve the building; raise money for exhibits; and serve as an events center. This year has been especially challenging with the COVID19, but donating a few dollars can really add up! I believe in the Depot because I believe in preserving our history. Livingston is a railroad town so let's work together to keep the railroad exhibits open for future generations!

Please help me raise money for The Livingston Depot Center. Thank you!
Goal: $200.00
26% Funded

Will you help the helpers?
by Joanne Lowell
The Livingston Food Resource Center provides nutritious bags of food with no questions asked twice a week in Livingston, Montana. Produce from local ranches and farms joins nutritious pantry staples and prepared food, including dairy and fruit and sometimes pet supplies. They're also distributing hundreds of boxes of fresh produce from the USDA weekly. Your donation of $25 will help them continue these programs: 1. The Healthy Weekend program provides food for the weekend during the school year for children with food insecurity; 2. The Summer Lunch Program provides hot meals for children during the summer; and 3. The Pantry Supper Club provides hot nutritious dinners five nights a week for local seniors. Food is Life - they need our help to continue these programs and if you make a donation now, it will be eligible for a partial matching grant. Please help the helpers..and thank you!
Goal: $2,000.00
19% Funded

The Super Pantry Supper Club
by Miriam Squillace
The Livingston Food Resource Center provides 5 nutritious meals for older folks and/or people who need help with preparing a good nutritious meal. This could be either a senior citizen, someone just getting out of the hospital, someone on chemotherapy or just someone who needs assistance with getting a healthy meal together. These are five frozen meals that are prepared in the food center with healthy ingredients, delivered to our clients homes once a week. These meals are created especially for people with diabetes and/or hypertension. However; they are so good that everyone will enjoy them. Currently we are serving an average of 60 individuals. The need for theses meals is continually increasing. With your help we could serve more and more people with healthy food. Thank you in advance for your valuable help.
Goal: $2,000.00
16% Funded

Little Chef loves LFRC
by Little Chef Roseberry
"I love cooking camp, because now I am a little chef. At camp I teached kids not to put kids in the oven and other safe stuff. Kids learn so much cooking and stuff at camp, and Kelsey and the Food Center help everyone in Livingston to have food to eat. Also, they know all my favorite chefs at places to eat, and now I can make sushi. It is important to have food and to make food for your family."

Who who who cares about people, food security, food education, and the health of the community? Please give a HOOT and help Little Chef Support the Livingston Food Resource Center during this years #Giveahoot49
Goal: $500.00
57% Funded

New Counseling Offer for Clients
by Joanne Lowell
In the midst of this health and economic crisis, the Livingston Food Resource Center has added a brand new program. I'm grateful they saw a need and decided to fill it - and know they'll need some funding to get it launched. You can help with a donation right now to get them started!

Here's some info:
On July 28, 2020, the Livingston Food Resource Center will introduce a new support service for Food Pantry clients: counseling services to provide clients the support, resources, and relationship building tools that are important to the overall well-being of the individual. Counseling sessions will be offered in one-hour segments and conducted in a private office at the LFRC. All Food Pantry clients and LFRC staff will be eligible for counseling regardless of their ability to pay. If clients have health insurance that covers counseling, billing for therapy sessions will be managed by the LFRC Community Counselor.

The service will be promoted to all LFRC Food Pantry clients when they visit the Center to pick up food. It will also be promoted to those clients for whom the LFRC delivers food, such as the Pantry Supper Club participants. The LFRC Community Counselor will work with all individuals and families that express a need for therapeutic support, and will also assist Food Pantry clients with SNAP applications and other support services.

LFRC Executive Director Michael McCormick introduces this new program by pointing out that "hunger is not an isolated issue in low-income households, it is just one of the many debilitating challenges faced by people living in poverty. Most Food Pantry clients dealing with food insufficiency are also dealing with other serious issues, especially during the current COVID-19 crisis. This new program will enable the LFRC to address more of the issues that keep people in poverty; we provide nutritious food for people's bodies, now this will help nourish people's minds."
Goal: $2,500.00
1% Funded

Clean Hands Initiative
by Michael and Michal DeChellis
Make it easy and make it satisfying for people to fight flu, colds, and COVID-19. Habit change is hard, but let's rise to the occasion to save lives and productivity.

Help Rotary put portable hand washing stations where they're most needed in our community - at the entrances to buildings and other gathering places that are highly trafficked. We are building DURABLE, ATTRACTIVE, custom-made stations that we designed using common materials. They can be deployed where there is no water source.

These will be useful long after the pandemic need has come and gone. Also, we'll be publishing the design for others to build.

Please donate a station today - they're each $600, and they can make a huge difference in our community.
Goal: $7,200.00
0% Funded

Rotary Children in Need Fund
by Michael and Michal DeChellis
Livingston Rotary has a special fund set up for Children in Need in our community. We gather cans and sell them to fund it. We have had a lot of need in our community this year - especially a large grant to the school district to help feed kids during the COVID crisis (Rotary contributed $8k for that effort this year).
Please help us replenish our CIN fund so we can respond to applications in the fall.
Goal: $3,000.00
0% Funded

Cora Wants to Fix It!
by Little Chef Roseberry
Think about your dog or cat at home. What if they had babies? Those babies would probably go to the shelter, because Livingston has a limit on pets per house. BUT if you have gotten them spayed or neutered then there are no new homeless pets. There are already lots of homeless pets in the shelter so we don't need anymore. The Spay Neuter Project is great, because they fix a lot of pets. This reduces the number of homeless pets, helps make having a pet affordable, and saves the town money. This is important to me because I want there to be fewer cats and dogs that are homeless, hungry, sad, and alone. If it works fix it!

Any donation of $10 or more I will make you some dog or cat treats.
Goal: $160.00
410% Funded

Scholarships for Special Needs Children
by Chris Siegle
Hi Friends!! As you know, I work with a DeafBlind young boy here in Montana. Last summer he attended "individualized" camp days at Sunnyside Farms. During these camps, he "rode" a horse with an individual leading and two other individuals walking on each side of him, for side support. The physical movement he experienced riding the horse is the same side to side/up and down movement required when walking. A few weeks after attending camp, he began walking at home without the use of his walker. He "waddled" on his own and then walked further and further with the assistance of someone's hand. He expanded his walking experiences into unfamiliar areas such as doctors offices and libraries. He loves his independence!! Please help children achieve such independence by donating to Sunnyside Fjords!! You have until August 6, 2020 to make the decision to change a child's life!! Anything and everything helps!! Thank you!!
Goal: $500.00
11% Funded

Help a little slice of heaven!
by Anastasia Bannikova
Sunnyside Farms is a little slice of heaven in Park County, Montana... Your pulse simply slows down when you're here. The horses, as well as goats, bunnies and chickens are treated with love and respect. One particular great feature of the farm is that it hosts a plethora of programs for children of various ages. They learn to ride and take care of horses, as well as a smorgasbord of information about life and surrounding nature. Every meetup is surrounded by laughter, discovery and appreciation for life and knowledge. As a professional camp organizer and a seasoned camp counselor working with Girl Scouts, Kazakh Aul of the US and Peace Corps, I was deeply moved by the dedication of the Sunnyside Farms' staff to organize these programs. Your kind donation will keep them going. Help a little slice of heaven - help Sunnyside! The donations will be accepted until August 6th, 2020.
Goal: $500.00
16% Funded

Please Support Sunnyside!
by Jane Eisemann
A Sunnyside Story: I grew up with ponies and horses and at the age of 19, striking out on my own realized that I would not be able to afford keeping them in my life. Life directed me to Alaska and a maritime career, but I never lost my love for horses. I have carried the dream of someday bringing horses back into my life - specifically starting from 'scratch', bonding with a newborn foal and training him/her to drive and pack. I retired 3 years ago from my maritime career and decided the time was right to realize my dream. My journey to attaining this goal lead me to Sunnyside Farms. Last summer I was offered the opportunity to become an intern at Sunnyside and I spent two months immersed in all that Sunnyside Farms has to offer. Not only have I expanded my horsemanship skills and acquired much of the knowledge I need to train a young horse, I have been immersed in all the day to day requirements of keeping Sunnyside's beautiful Norwegian Fjord horses healthy. In addition to helping facilitate all the wonderful programs that Sunnyside Farm offers, my internship also gave me the opportunity to work with veterinarians and farriers, participate in breeding, foaling, feeding as well as the never-ending farm maintenance. I have experienced first-hand what it takes, financially and physically, to keep a non-profit like Sunnyside up and running, providing opportunities and programs that benefit people of all ages and challenges.

Sunnyside Farm is a special place. So special in fact, that I have come back to volunteer for another two months! As an older woman embarking on an adventure that many would say was not realistic for my age (63), Sunnyside Farms has given me the courage and skills to make my dream come true. Last summer I had the awesome experience of bonding with a little colt right at birth and today as a one year old, the two of us are well on our way to realizing my dream together.

Sunnyside Farm provides meaningful, life changing experiences. Sunnyside provides programs that help people of all ages and challenges realize their dreams. I hope that you will consider financially supporting what it takes to keep these programs available to the Community of Park County and beyond. Your donation will be accepted with much appreciation through midnight August 6th.

Goal: $500.00
0% Funded